Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd ( NEPG ) is a large-scale comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise in China.It is composed of three major business segments, i.e. 1. chemical synthetic API and bio-fermentation API, 2. western medicinal preparation and micro-ecological preparation, 3. medical business distribution.

NEPG produces 12 major series, mainly covering Vitamin Series, Antibiotics, Anti-AIDS, Digestives, Narcotic medicines, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular medicines, etc.
NEPG is proud of being the first Vitamin C producer in China, as well as the inventor of the two steps fermentation technology of VC production; Piracetam products capacity is the biggest one in the world; NEPG is the leading Fosfomycin producer in China.
NEPG possesses R&D Center, Designing Institute, Environmental Institute, QC, and “Post-doctoral” Workstation.
Logistic Center takes wholesale, distribution, retail, and warehousing.
NEPG is GMP certified, we have got approval....more detail>>

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ADDRESS: 19th  floor, Block B, Chamber of Commerce Headquarter Mansion. No.51, The Youth Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang China.
Post code:110014
fax:0086 24 22724536
Commercial business:nebusiness@nepharm.com
Customer service:neservice@nepharm.com