Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD. (NEPG) is a listed company under Fangda Group. The company was formerly known as Northeast Pharmaceutical General Factory, which was founded in 1946. Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996, stock code: 000597. NEPG is an important drug production and export base in China, one of the largest monomer preparation production bases in China, the production base of anesthetic and anti-AIDS drugs in China, the national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory for bulk raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, and the national enterprise technology center and innovative drug incubation base.


NEPG has major business segments such as chemical apis, chemical preparations, pharmaceutical commerce, pharmaceutical engineering and biomedicina, covering the whole industrial chain of pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing and distribution, with more than 7,000 employees and total assets of 12 billion yuan. It has two major production bases for raw materials and preparations, and the preparation production base covers an area of 180,000 square meters, with more than 30 production lines, and an annual capacity of 13.3 billion tablets (branches, pills, pellets, pins, bottles).  The API production base covers an area of 910,000 square meters, with an annual capacity of more than 30,000 tons.  It is a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory for bulk apis and pharmaceutical intermediates.  The main products include vitamin C and series, L-carnitine series, fosfomycin series, piracetam, carboprost methyl, amantadine salt, sulfoaluminum, berberine, chloramphenicol, etc.  And comprehensively extend to the downstream northeast pharmaceutical preparation industry chain, forming a comprehensive competitive advantage that is difficult to copy.


NEPG has a perfect quality management system, and the quality of products meets the latest quality standards such as EP, USP, JP, BP, ChP.  Many products have passed EDQM, FDA, Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare, BRC, HALAL, KOSHER and other international high-end certification. The leading products have passed the registration and quality audit in the United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Poland and other countries and regions.

Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd ( NEPG ) is a large-scale comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise in China.It is composed of three major business segments, i.e. 1. chemical synthetic API and bio-fermentation API, 2. western medicinal preparation and micro-ecological preparation, 3. medical business distribution.


NEPG produces 12 major series, mainly covering Vitamin Series, Antibiotics, Anti-AIDS, Digestives, Narcotic medicines, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular medicines, etc.


NEPG is proud of being the first Vitamin C producer in China, as well as the inventor of the two steps fermentation technology of VC production; Piracetam products capacity is the biggest one in the world; NEPG is the leading Fosfomycin producer in China.


NEPG possesses R&D Center, Designing Institute, Environmental Institute, QC, and “Post-doctoral” Workstation.


Logistic Center takes wholesale, distribution, retail, and warehousing.


NEPG is GMP certified, we have got approval of ISO22000, ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, Fami-QS, Halal and Kosher certificate.

Glorious • NEPG
                          --Once bright, to cast gorgeous chapter again.

In 1946, NEPG started its career with two products i.e. white(glucose) and black (active carbon) to open up a new era in China’s chemical and pharmaceutical field.


In June 1951, the domestic first industrial production of synthetic antimalarial drugs proguanil hydrochloride (proguanil) trial production has been made successful.


In October 1954, the domestic first set of consecutive gas phase synthesis of the chlorosulfonic acid workshop was completed and put into operation.


In June 1955, the first chemical synthesis of antibiotics combined ADM workshop was completed and put into operation.


In February 1958, NEPG was the first time in the domestic use of "one step fermentation method" (Lai's method) to produce vitamin C products, and established leadership of vitamins API.


In September 1958, NEPG was first starting production of chloramphenicol in the country.

In March 1964, the nation's first vitamin A workshop was completed and commissioned.


In 1973, propargyl alcohol of NEPG and its related products achieved industrial production, and filled the gaps in the domestic. In May 1973, NEPG was first to launch anti-viral drug amantadine hydrochloride. In 1975, under the collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units,NEPG was the first to create "two-step fermentation method" to produce vitamin C products in the world, became the first export to Switzerland, Europe and the United States which is known as the original Chinese medicinal techniques.


In 1975, total chemical synthesis of producing berberine hcl on trial was success, and put into operation for the first time in the country. So China completely got out of the status of relying on natural resources, and has played an important role in the protection of vegetation in the Yellow River.


In 1982, China's first cerebral new drug with synthetic method - Piracetam was successfully developed in NEPG and launched to the market.


In 1983, the nation's first pharmaceutical industrial wastewater treatment facilities were set up and put into operation.


In 1985, NEPG first successfully developed --Fosfomycin Sodium which was National Torch Project domestically, and was launched to the market.


Fosfomycin sodium products won the National Torch Program Project, National Science and Technology Achievement Award, Liaoning Province Science and Technology Prize, and Recommended Product Award in the Fourth Session of the Women Conference under United Nation.

In 1985, An Jingxian, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering firstly developed Cefotaxime Sodium in the country, which was launched to the market. Such project was awarded National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and national, provincial famous brand title.


In August 1986, led by the Northeast General Pharmaceutical Factory, “Northeast Pharmaceutical joint Enterprise Group" was set up, which was composed of 15 enterprises from both inside and outside our province. This is the pharmaceutical industry's first horizontal economic integration of the enterprise groups.


In September 1990, NEPG was established; NEPG is a national pharmaceutical industry's first large-scale enterprise group, which was the closing combination of industries. NEPG owns 33 enterprises and public institutions, which include 11 state-owned enterprises, 19 collective enterprises and 3 public institutions.


In 1991, the first China's third-generation cephalosporins -ceftriaxone product (Ansalon) was successfully developed and put into market.


In 1991, the new drugs - Carprost was put into market, which is produced by NEPG exclusively. NEPG has made outstanding contribution to family planning.


In 1995, 10,000 tons of Vitamin C production line was set up and put into operation, which is the largest in China .


In 1997 Senior Engineer An Jingxian was elected to be Academician of China Academy of Engineering, she is the first Academician of China Academy of Engineering in China's pharmaceutical enterprises.


In 2002, NEPG developed and produced the first anti-AIDS drug (Kedu) domestically, such ended the history that anti-HIV drug depended on imports.


In 2007, 《new record for pharmaceutical industry system energy-saving effectiveness based on bio-fermentation》achieved state enterprises new record.


In 2007, 《create a new record of the domestic industry waste-water treatment facilities covering the smallest area, the largest capacity treatment》of NEPG waste-water treatment center achieved state enterprises new record.