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Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd ( NEPG )

8 kinds of API products of the company have passed the BRC certification at a high level.

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Recently, the company's three raw materials in three factories - vitamin C, vitamin C sodium, vitamin C calcium, 100 mesh vitamin C, 200 mesh vitamin C, ascorbic acid particles, L-carnitine, L-carnitine tartrate  has passed the BRC (Global Food Safety Standard) certification as " Class A"  at the same time.
Since 2011, the company applied for BRC-certified products, all passed the "A-level" inspection. The high level of BRC certification shows that the food safety management system of the company's API products is stable, and the quality and safety control systems such as food safety protection system, product chain safety system, quality assurance system and quality control system remain at a relatively high level.
The BRC-certified APIs will continue to be sold in the international market under the Food Additives Regulations.